Expanding Nordic Valley? Sure. But why not just open ‘Roy: The Ski Resort’?

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Nordic Valley is one of four Utah ski resorts that get the lowest amount of annual snowfall....


Pruitt, not policies, the problem at EPA

Ethanol Rally Pruitt

Bad politicians do not translate automatically to bad policy. Scott Pruitt was not an acceptable administrator of President Donald Trump’s environmental policies — but that does not mean Trump should change them. It appears the president has no intention of altering course. Pruitt...


Chico Marx for President

Mark Shields

In a scene in the 1933 film "Duck Soup," the character played by Chico, the most underrated of the funny Marx Brothers, is dressed like another character, and when the other man leaves the room, the woman who remains is surprised to see Chico. She tells him she saw him leave. Chico's response...

Guest Commentary

A Look into Space Is Worth the Wait

John Armstrong Mug

I just returned from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and, boy, do I have some exciting news: The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has a new launch date. JWST is NASA’s next-generation, flagship telescope, built to replace the Hubble Space Telescope and...


We get it!

I’m responding to Mr. Reynolds constant letters attacking Democrats and anyone else who has a different opinion of Trump. WE GET IT! In your view it was fine for Republicans to drag their feet through the whole Obama administration. Not even allowing a hearing for a federal judge position....


Trade war could be harmful to economy

Harley Davidson New Riders

The U.S. economy continues to show strength in the wake of tax reform and deregulation, but the downside of robust growth is that Donald Trump thinks this means he can dabble at trade war with impunity. He ought to look at the signs that growth would be even stronger if not for his border-tax...


Trump Is Standing Up for Us

Adriana Cohen

What a blessing to finally have a president who's looking out for us, the American taxpayers, versus kowtowing to globalist elites and NATO members who've been exploiting the United States by failing to pay their fair share in military defense spending. It's no secret that NATO members have, by and...


Business Insider waves white flag in Scarlett Johansson flap

Jonah Goldberg

A fascinating series of controversies erupted this past week, and they had nothing to do with Donald Trump or Robert Mueller. Business Insider ran a column defending actress Scarlett Johansson from fierce criticism for her decision to play a transgender man in a forthcoming film called "Rub and Tug....


Marriage is a state of mind and heart

Thank you for printing another wonderful and inspiring article written by my very favorite writer, D. Louise Brown!! I devour everything she writes! Her words are so “down to earth,” written from her heart, so very uplifting! I am referring to her article published on June 26 about the...


What would Truman think of Trump?

In remembering Harry “the buck stops here” Truman and the integrity he maintained in government, and comparing it to Trump and the total lack of integrity in government, I am certain Harry is turning over in his grave like a whirling dervish! I do not even want to contemplate what...


Montana needs more child protection workers

Yellowstone County has about 880 children in foster care because of abuse or neglect in their own homes. Statewide, nearly 4,000 children newborn through age 17 are in the foster care system. Those numbers reveal why Yellowstone County child protection workers have been especially overloaded in a...

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